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Homemade Foaming Hand Soap

Easy and less expensive to make at home using all-natural ingredients and essential oils!

Bonus - it's so easy the kiddos love to help me with this project and pick out the essential oils for each one! ⁠

You need:⁠

* Foaming pump

* About 1/2 inch castile soap in the bottom⁠

* Add 10 drops essential oils⁠

* Slowly fill to top with water⁠

* Replace the pump⁠

Our favorite essential oils to add are Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit and Citrus Fresh. These smell amazing and are also all inexpensive oils. That's important because my kids always put in WAAAAAAY more than 10 drops! ;) ⁠

Other faves for foaming handsoap are Peppermint and Stress Away. ⁠

I usually use Dr. Bronners unscented baby castile soap but recently got this Dr. Woods brand and am loving it because it's really thick straight out of the bottle! So I use it in the shower as a body wash straight from the bottle. ⁠

PS - I added links to my favorite products for your convenience and may earn a commission!

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