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Easy DIY Bath Bombs with a Press Mold!

If you’re into bath bombs, making your own is actually super cheap and easy, especially with this bath bomb press mold! Plus the store ones often contain some scary/harsh ingredients.⁠

These molds just pop out the bath bombs like a cookie mold! Waaaaaaaay easier than trying to make those perfect spheres and manage children. ;) ⁠

I got this bath bomb press mold on Amazon!

You just press the bath bomb mix into the mold, then press and pop the bomb out of the mold in a few seconds.

The mold also comes with a set of 6 or so different stamps so you can choose and change the design on top of your bath bombs.

Such a time saver!

The bath bomb recipe we use and love!⁠

* 2 c baking soda⁠

* 1 c epsom salt⁠

* 1 c citric acid⁠

* 2 T almond oil or fractionated coconut oil ⁠

* optional add coloring⁠ (I love these all-natural, vegan colors!)

* 20-30 drops of YL essential oil ⁠

* witch hazel in a spray bottle⁠

Mix all dry ingredients, so there’s no lumps.⁠

Slowly add the almond oil and mix as you go. ⁠

Add the essential oils and mix again.⁠

Finally, spray on witch hazel to prevent the mix from fizzing in the bowl. Takes about 15 sprays…⁠

Mix should be just damp enough to be able to pack into the molds. If too wet it will fizz and deform the bombs. I know, learned the hard way!⁠

Let the bath bombs set for at least 12 hours before storing. ⁠

We just stack in a large glass jar. ⁠

Obviously, these are great in a bath. I also give a stack to my kids to play with in the sink when I need a few minutes or they need a calming activity!


Need essential oils?! Send me an email at and I'm happy to help you get started at over 50% off retail price!

PS - I provide links to the products I use and love but may earn a commission from some of the above amazon affiliate links!

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